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My Friends

Q. How do I add someone as a friend?

A. There are two ways to add people to your personal list of friends found under ‘My Friends’. First, you can ‘Invite’ new people to join Club Intimate. When they sign up through the invitation link you send them, they will automatically be added to your ‘My Friends’ list.

Second, you can add anyone whose profile you see on Club Intimate to your personal list of friends. From the profile page of the person you would like to add to your personal list of friends, simply click on ‘Add to Friends’, found under the left links panel.

You may add as many people to your personal friends list as you'd like. Keep in mind, when adding existing Club Intimate members to your personal list of friends using the ‘Add to Friends’ link, the person you are attempting to add will be able to approve or deny your request to be added to your personal list of friends.

Q. How do I delete friends from ‘My Friends’ list?

A. Start by clicking on ‘My Home’ in the top navigation menu from any Club Intimate web page. On your personal home page, click the ‘My Friends’ link found under ‘My Messages & Lists’. On the ‘My Friends’ page, identify the member you wish to remove and click the ‘Delete’ link. Selected member will be removed from your friends list.

Q. Can I add anyone as a friend?

A. Any Club Intimate member who approves your request to be their ‘Friend’ can be added to your ‘My Friends’ list.

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